pomodoro design
event design

   For this amazing 2010 project we facilitated in coalescing the creative people, skills and elements with both Nexus and the Overkill crew to bring what some feel was one of the most memorable camps ever at burning man. We created 3D renderings and animations to help coordinate and get everyone on the same page, hosting many live 3D-model-development meetings both in person and through video conferencing. Additionally we created the overall construction & safety plan and headed the survey team to locate each element, marked off project build areas and establish a path system throughout. We also headed the aesthetic and structural design for the Pyrosphere legs.

   As a testment to what the Nexus-Overkill team did, here is a quote from a fantastic Photographer that witnessed the event, Michael Holden:

   "Once again, the damn fine folks at Nexus have utterly redefined what the notion of a "top quality nightclub" is supposed to be. And it wasn't just the fact that they had a Funktion One sound system *and* a wall of Turbosound. Or their lineup. Or the fact that the Pyrosphere was just about the best interactive highly technical fire art that I've ever encountered. Or the part where they'd built a f#$%@#g playground for adults (imagine a jungle-jim far to dangerous to be allowed in any modern city) in the middle of the f#$%@#g DESERT. Or the aerialiasts. Or....well, you get the picture. It's the big picture...the part where they bring it all together in a way that underscores it's magnificence AND makes their herculean effort appear to be...effortless. Word up to the Nexus kids: you rock my small, self-centered universe."


   Pomodoro Design joined a large team of young talented individuals to propose and help execute the first Yuri's Night at NASA's Ames Research Center. Our role started with live in-meeting 3D modeling of the design ideas the group was thinking about implementing, giving visual form to the concepts we'd dream up. Once an initial plan was conceived, we then prepared an animation and drawings that gave confidence to the higher ups at NASA that this young team could pull this off. Next we setup the initial website to help get the buzz out, and lastly assisted with some of the installation for the event.