pomodoro design
product design

   The Michigan Pomodoro Design East Product Development Office has provided assistance to Sanzoo, LLC in developing their Board Stall snowboard, skateboard and ski wall mounted rack. This product is a high-end work of art that looks great with or without your gear.


   The ultimate event bar designed and built for Nexus. The design for this bar stemmed from a mixture of programmatic, inspirational, manufacturing, transport and assembly needs.

   The final design's elliptical form plays off the theme created by the fabric designer's concept for the dome.

   The inside dance/outside sit concept creates a well balanced environment that always welcomes people to engage the bar regardless of how energetic or relaxed the space happens to be, while the elliptical shape and multi-person benches encouraged a pub-like community level of interaction.

   The bar incorporates a collage of previous Nexus events giving the group a personal connection to the project. Additionally, a mosaic effect added another level of imagery to the composition.

   The many legged structural system simultaneously provides solid dance-grade support that creates changing visual patterns with shape, light and shadow while allowing the full audio spectrum of the sound system to pass through with minimal loss.

   The assembly process is fairly straight forward with 95% of the structural legs being identical allowing for a team to quickly assemble and disassemble the bar with minimal instruction.

   An integrated programmable color changing LED lighting system and internal fabric liner added a final touch of ambiance to the bar highlighting the structural system while concealing the items behind the counter.